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Griff began at the beginning.
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Trying to cover too much ground?

Took a look at the different forums tonight and it seems to me there isn't a real focus to the community. There are also a number of forums that really duplicate areas that other boards have already claimed, if you will.

I think focusing turcic into THE place to discuss mobile content, including clipping and ebooks is the way to go.

One area that I think would be good is a reviews section for the clips in the WCC. I just went through it this past weekend and am looking at the items I actually want to keep from the list.

Might also be good to merge forums together. For example, Handstory could probably go down to one forum, as ISilo could. Add areas for AvantGo and Plucker. Keep this as the Mobile Content Viewer section or some such.

Rename Palm Hardware/Software and PPC Hardware Software into General Palm Discussion and General PPC Discussion. The names are a bit more friendly to someone who doesn't want to get all technical. A rename of Other Hardware/Software to Emerging Technologies or some such could create a buzz and draw for that forum.

Would shorten Electronic Books to EBooks, other than that looks good, might move it higher in the structure though. Give it a bit more focus.

Reference could probably go. Merge the topics into exisitng forums as appropriate, maybe make them sticky or some such so they remain viewable to everyone.

Moving General down the page to the bottom spot and renaming it to Community, or Site Discussion would be interesting. I doubt you want the focus of the site to be about site issues and off topic discussion, by keeping it so high on the list it draws people to it first.

This sort of compression and reorganization can help alot as most people I encounter don't like scrolling all that much to find the content that's made the site famous. WCC should be at the top, and as I mentioned elsewhere, open to all.

Back to my original point, the site looks good and I commend Alexander for getting it online and providing a service to those interested in mobile content. It does look a bit thrown together though and with a little more focus I can see turcic being the place to go to discuss the emerging Mobile Content chatspace.

Take 'em, leave 'em, flame me in PM's...just a few ideas.

Edit: Just in case this sounded a bit harsh, let me tell you it wasn't meant to be. I'm not really sure what you want the site to be. I see on the homepage it is your personal site, yet from comments on CS, and the forums I see, it seems you really want it to be more. I don't know if there is a moderation team of more than Alex and GV or not, but I might suggest taking a few hours to really hash out what you want turcic to become, and then make it that.

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