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Problems with Mobipocket dictionaries

Hi all, if you don't mind, I repost part of other post I've made before, as it may fit better here:

I've tried some dictionaries, (demos and free ones), but when I make a search inside a book, even showing me a list of possible matching words, after selcecting one of theese, a blank page is showed, and the Cybook starts working bad. You need to go to the library in order to be able to keep on reading, and no result at all was given.

The only way I could get a dictionary working, was making one on my own, only for testing pupouses I've made one, with only a word, and when I search for that word from a book, it works perfectly.

Just in case it was important, I'm making theese dictionary searching from ebooks in txt format, not from prc.

Thank a lot for your help.

PD: I'm sorry if I've made a lot of mistakes writing in english, I usually read it, but don't write it at all.

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