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vranghel began at the beginning.
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The Strangest thing happened...

i was so excited this afternoon.....the ups guy handed me the box .

All good until this evening when i decided to update the firmware (it had 2.4 on it)

I set up a wireless profile and started the installation. All good until the second download. It started ...went to 4% then stopped. My heart almost stopped

Waited for a few mins....nothing
I was already looking for their hotline on mobileread when i decided to give it a go and try to reset it.
I pressed the menu button...nothing. Then i pressed the Connect button when all of a sudden it went into the menu. But it wasnt over yet. I read somewhere that it first downloads the update and it installs it the next time you restart the device. I turned off the device, then back on....the booting screen appeared and after a few secs the menu.... Phew...

But i still wanted to update to 2.6. So i decided to go wired.
Everything went by the book.

The lesson here: ALWAYS update the firmaware using a WIRED connection
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