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I started the server on my desktop and then browsed to $HOSTNAME:8080 (where $HOSTNAME is the name of your mac, usually <something>.local>) from my iPhone and it worked perfectly!

BTW, I didn't have to set up any form of port forwarding. I have set up the firewall so that it asks me everytime an app requests a network connection and I can allow/disallow it. So, when it asked me whether I should allow network connections for 'python' (calibre-server is written in python and so the interpreter is the actual app that's running), I said yes. And, then everything was fine.

Gideon, try that and if that doesn't work, I will be happy to help you out.

Caveat: BTW, once you allow incoming network connections for 'python', the firewall would remember that. So, in the future, if you don't want python applications to have access to the network, make sure to remove 'python' from the list of allowed apps in the firewall.

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