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Originally Posted by Malder1
Does white screen of iLiad looks ideally solid or I still can see very small details/borders of e-inc pixels structure, like matrix of LCD pixels?
The screen is not white ... if any colour should be used to describe it, it's 'grey', and then it tends to darker grey, rather than lighter grey.
When I compare my screen with an IT8 scanner target, I estimate the greyness to be approximately 6/10 (if 0/10 is white, and 10/10 is black).
When I try the same experiment with pocket books, I estimate them at 0/10 or barely 1/10.

Jaggies are present in some places, but you probably won't notice any in plain text. I see them in the leg of the R in the large iRex logo in the documentation, and the rounded corners of the menu buttons.
The most pronounced jaggies I see are in letters like 'A' and 'V', where the sloping line show them.

I don't see the raster of the screen at all: I have to use a loupe, and even then I see it only where the screen is 'painted'. There's no structure I can find in 'white' areas.

3) Teoretically sensitive screen should be more dark than in other devices (like Sony Librie), is it true, or iLiad uses ideally clean sensitive glass?
Don't understand what the question is. 'Sensitive glass'? The iLiad does not have a pressure-sensitive screen, if that's what you're after. As far as I can decide the screen is not glass either: I would guess some kind of 'acrylic glass', as I have the same impression as with acrylic glass for paintings: a vague feeling that some detail is lost in comparison with plain glass, but nothing I would be able to put my finger to. You won't feel the screen is in your way, if that's what you're afraid of.

4) Can you confirm that on iLiad (and other e-ink devices) text looks ideally sharp and smooth like printed text on white paper?
Absolutely not. The display is still a raster device, and that is not invisible. If I try to make a rough impression, it's something like a 450 dpi laser printer, i.e. 600 dpi printout looks slightly better to my eye (and 600 dpi is not even close when it comes to printed text). But it's difficult to make an absolute statement, as a laser printer prinout is b/w only, while the iLiad screen is 16 shades of grey, and also as the screen colour is so much darker than the paper, and contrast consequently suffers.

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