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Three not asked earlier questions about iLiad

I'm very interested to buy iLiad e-book!
But I would be very grateful if owners of iLiad cold reply on my several questions which were not asked earlier by other members (if I've searched enough well on the forum).

1) Does white screen of iLiad looks ideally solid or I still can see very small details/borders of e-inc pixels structure, like matrix of LCD pixels?

2) Please can somebody scan screen of iLiad in scanner with 1200 dpi and post fragment of scanned image? Better if together with printed paper (half of picture - eink, another half - usual paper with text) And please tell about font height of shown text (in millimeters) to compare.
Yes, I understand that I'll see now internal structure of display, but it's very interesting to see in details how e-ink based display looks and works. Just to learn.

3) Teoretically sensitive screen should be more dark than in other devices (like Sony Librie), is it true, or iLiad uses ideally clean sensitive glass?

4) Can you confirm that on iLiad (and other e-ink devices) text looks ideally sharp and smooth like printed text on white paper? And text on e-ink display looks smooth/soft and sharper than even on 640x480 PDA (e.g. HP 4700) where text still not enough sharp and not smooth?

Thanks in advance!

I'm sorry excited that "electronic paper" arrived!

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