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PRS-505 in Canada - best deal?


I was going to buy a prs-700 a while back but, after seeing some reviews, it doesn't seem worth the extra cost for a worse screen (though the extra speed and memory would be ok).
It appears that the prs-505 is at least $100 less.

The Sony Canada site prices have gone up for all models recently
The 505 was $300, now showing $350.

It looks as though I missed out on the Expansys refurb deal - as they now seem to have no stock. has the silver or red 505 on for $279, and the lighted cover for about $60.
Is this the best deal in Canada right now?
Also, the dark blue model doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Canada?

Will Plastic Logic be releasing something this year? Will the Astak 9.7" model be released soon?

Is it worth waiting to see what the prices will be for those new models or if they will drive the prices down for older models like the 505?
It seems like the prices are going up, not down for these things.

Any input for deals in Canada appreciated.

Edit: maybe this belongs in the Which One Should I Buy area?

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