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Getting a root shell


I am wondering how it is possible to get a root shell on the 505 ??? (I have a TTL serial cable if hardware UART connection is needed like for the Kindle)

I spent some serious time googling for stuff, but I could not find anything interesting - only pictures of the kernels. There are many things I would like to test - like cross compling applications, or replacing the kernel.

Do we know how to use the bootloader to replace the kernel+firmware? From what I understand, a 2 Mb NOR is used for the bootloader, so I guess there is no risk of bricking the device.

Ideally, I would set up the usbd in net mode or serial mode (then with a pppd connection waiting) to be able to access the 505 by telnet and play mp3/aac streams when a special SD card is plugged in - like for the Igorsk firmware dump and update scripts.

Later on, I would also like to try to write framebuffer applications replacing the reader application by something that could run 24/7 (with AC plugged in and the special SD), for exemple a clock + weather forecast + the name of the song playing on the mp3 stream, so that the reader could be usefull even when I'm not reading !

Any link/help would be welcome to "access" the device, including a basic "hello world" on the e-ink screen using the framebuffer or the /dev device (saw the librieX project but something simpler to get started would be more interesting)

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