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Originally Posted by pdurrant View Post
The problem with text from Project Gutenberg is that it is split up into lines, and massaging it back into whole paragraph can be tricky.
Indeed, this is what I mean by 'bitty'... a bumpy read and a rough ride can result in lexical indigestion :

I'd suggest that you take the HTML instead, and import it directly into Mobipocket Reader or Mobipocket Creator to make a Mobipocket Format eBook. That will work a lot better on the CyBook than an HTML file.

seems to be a clean copy.
Yes... the copy is very fine... great to be able, on the PC, to click on an essay, and have it take you 'right there'. It would be wonderful to have this function on the Bookeen. In fact yesterday, I spent a frustrating 2 hours trying to get this effect on the Cybook. This may be due to the newness of it all and the sharp learning curve, for me at least.

I'll have another go today: do I just have to drag all the unzipped files into a separate folder on the Cybook? I'm not entirely clear how to proceed.

Thanks very much for your help.



(NB George Orwell's works are out of copyright in Australia and Canada, but not in the US or most of the rest of the world)
Thanks, I'm in the UK so all seems to be clear this end.
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