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Originally Posted by ottocol View Post
Hi: this is not a question about openinkpot itself, but it is related somehow. My hanlin makes a small ticking sound 2-3 seconds after displaying a page. It is not very loud, but clearly audible in silence. It's not the system "pip", it's just 2-3 seconds AFTER refreshing page and kind of bothering. anybody else? May be a hardware fault for my reader, but...

now comes the relationship to openinkpot. This ticking sound does not happen with OI, only with "official" firmwares. Question (curiosity) for developers: is different the way OI handles screen than official firmwares? looks like official firmware is refreshing it in a different (and bothering for my reader) way
My V3 had the same click noise before installing OI, and it doesn't do it now, so it must be something firm related.
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