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Originally Posted by rlauzon
But if you go to some site, pay hardcover price for an eBook, you expect to get the same rights and abilities that you would get if you had bought the hardcover: you get to use it forever, that it would be able to be read 10 years from now, etc.
Agreed. There has to be some cost incentive to accept DRMs restrictions. At least with a hardcover I can sell it when I'm done and recoup some of the cost if I decide I don't want to keep it. I'd pay the price of a mass market paperback: the $6-7 range, depending on the title.

I currently get eWeek as an electronic distribution through Zinio. It is actually more convenient not having to deal with getting the paper copy every seven days. But it is also a magazine I wouldn't keep around, and because it is ad supported it doesn't cost me a dime. My programmer magazines, on the other hand, tend to stick around for 12-18 months, so I wouldn't want any restrictions on them.

Originally Posted by scotty1024
Powell's wouldn't sell it to me either, and that after wading through 2 pages of "if anything goes wrong downloading the adobe ebook you're screwed don't expect us to help you" type of warnings that required me to check on boxes that said things like "I read and understand I'll be screwed and I won't come crying to you to get my money back" and I still couldn't buy it! They want me to send them an email???
Poor customer service is also just poor customer service regardless of the product or the sales channel.

Originally Posted by scotty1024
Silly me, I want a copy of "Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach" and I don't want to buy the hard back, guillotine it and scan/OCR it so I can read it comfortably.
I leafed through that book in the bookstore last week. It is freakin' HUGE! Not cheap, either.

But man, I'd love to be able to read it on an Iliad.
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