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A couple of years ago I knew where to download them from (IRC), but now I have forgotten server and channel. Shouldn't be to difficult to find again, as soon as I get a Sony eReader.

When I start again with ebooks, I will buy them as pbooks and get them as ebooks elsewhere. I think that would qualify as fair use. However, I am not paying twice for a book, and never with any DRM.

Sometimes I DL the ebook, read it, and buy the book as soon as it's out as paperback. I know this is not fair use at all, but I like to see it as "try before you buy". After all, in my usual bookshop I can return a book after 7 days with no reason at all, and I read faster than that. Don't get me wrong, I don't usually return books, but I could.

I don't agree with the current business model for most ebook sellers, and I am not buying any ebook until this changes. Paper seems to be only a small part of the price of a pbook. Printing house, delivery, and bookshop are not needed for ebooks... eBooks cut the costs hugely compared with pbooks, yet the consumer pays the same or almost the same. It's wrong.

Give me cheap, open ebooks, and they will have me as a consumer. On the mean time, trees will keep getting the chop.
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