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Hello all!

I've been getting to grips with BD, but it's been a slow, painful process thus far (thanks for your guide, though, HarryT - it's been a great help, as you'll see below!).

Anyway, I have a few queries relating to my first attempt at turning a html file into an lrf for my PRS-505.

I managed to get through the whole process by slavishly following HarryT's guide (and that's no bad thing, by the way), but a few issues have arisen that I need help with.

First of all, whatever I do, I cannot seem to put images into BD when I'm editing a file. I know adding a picture is supposed to be a drag-and-drop affair, but whenever I drag a picture over to use, I get an error noise and a dialogue box saying "?????? ??????? ???????? d:files\ebooks\author name\book name\file name" appears. I click "OK" on this same box, and that's it. Nothing happens, and no images appear in the file. Can anyone help?

Secondly, I set up a TOC as per HarryT's instructions, and it worked nicely (as in, it links to all the correct chapters). However, I notice that the underlining on the contents page (to show that each line of text is a link) only goes under the first word. So, if I have a chapter named "Monkeys", it will appear as "Monkeys". However, if I have a chapter named "Monkeys Are Huge Fun", then it will appear on the TOC as "Monkeys Are Huge Fun", which does not appear at all neat or tidy. Is this is a limitation of the software/reader, or can something be done about this?

Thirdly, where exactly does BD save files that you're working on? I followed HarryT's instructions fully, and whilst I was working on my file, I regularly saved changes I made. I then copied over the "lastfile" folder so I could amend things, and although the lrf I made shows all the changes I made, the BD file in the "lastfile" folder is the vanilla file with no changes. How can I avoid this in future, and where did I go wrong?

Finally, what fonts, if any, can I change to when preparing an lrf file for a PRS-505? Do I need to modify my Reader in any way to accept/install new fonts? I find the "standard" font to be a little bland, and I've been more impressed with the look of the ePub books I've bought so far (I thought David Simon's "Homicide" looked great). The standard look on the Reader is fine, but I'd like to improve it (to my eyes, at least!) if at all possible.

I realise these are rather rambling and vague questions, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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