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King on the Kindle

Here's yet another reason to get a Kindle -- Stephen King has written a novel that you can ONLY get for the Kindle.

And how come Stephen King gets a hot pink Kindle? That's not fair. I want one too!

I thought his comment at the end of the article was interesting. He suggests that one of the reasons that digital music caught on was because it could be sold in pieces, one track at a time, rather than being sold as an entire album. He thinks ebooks may not catch on so much, at least in that way, because it's not possible to break a book down in the same way. You kind of need the whole book.

In fact, that might be a factor as well, when you consider ebook prices. Maybe people expect ebooks to be so cheap because they're used to getting music on iTunes for $0.99. But that's only the price of one track. In the case of a book they are buying the "whole album", and so it is going to cost more. I don't think digital music is that much cheaper than a CD -- a bit cheaper, but not a lot -- and I actually think in that respect ebooks may be similarly priced to their musical counterparts.
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