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Device: onyx c67ml carta
Lightbulb how to recover a bricked Onyx Boox C67ML

This is a tuto to recover and flash the factory firmware on the Onyx Boox C67ML Carta. This will work on the TAGUS IRIS 2017 as well. It’s a rebranding with the tweaked firmware to connect to their ebook store but hardware is totally the C67ML Carta.
Do this at your own risk. All your data will be lost. This procedure involves prying open the ereader and short circuiting the RAM chip, which is a Sandisk 8 GB. This procedure is a last measure on a desperate attempt to do the device recovery. I did this on my device after failed attempts to have the computer reading or connecting to the device via OTG USB. It’s a fresh install and please be aware that by opening up your device you will lose warranty. In my case I was getting prepared to trash the thing after tinkering with it while trying to get rid of the bookhouse bloatware. So do this if you believe that your device cannot be recovered conventionally with ADB or via the RK flashing tool.
This will wipe clean your device and flash the latest Onyx Boox firmware 1.8.1. It will install Google Play store. Good news there.
I did this using the latest drivers and flashing software provided at Onyx support/firmware site here

1. Download and install on your computer the Onyx firmware 1.8.1 + drivers + factory tool from the manufacturer’s support site above.

2. Run factory tool and prep it up: load firmware 1.8.1, next check Recover option, now load provided OEMImage and check the Demo Option.

3. Pry open the C67ML Carta. Careful with the battery cable when you split the plastic faces. Now connect the device to the USB port of your computer. Nothing will happen. No ports are open at this stage, this means that your device has not reached recovery stage.

4. Locate the Sandisk RAM chip. Can’t miss it. It is imprinted with the Sandisk brand. With a small screwdriver short circuit the left side of the RAM chip connectors until your computer is able to read at least one open port on Factory Tool.

5. When the C67ML port is open to the Factory tool and with 2 re-checked, run the firmware flash procedure until you get a green light. Click Stop and disconnect the USB cable. Your device is rebooting. Time to carefully close the device plastic covers. And that is that. Firmware 1.8.1 will boot up in Chinese but you can easily change it into English or other language in the settings section.

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