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Yet another fellow with too many choices! HELP!!!

Here's my situation,

I used to read a lot. (Or what I considered a lot for a guy with his own business, family, and 25 diverse hobbies from guns, to pinball machines, video games, and on and on).

I'd usually go through 8-14 novels a month, and many got multiple reads over the years. I'll read almost anything except romance novels, (Though there have been some crossovers).

About ten years ago something happened to my back, and now I'm on huge doses of pain meds on a daily basis and no longer able to work or do much of anything else. I also now have a very hard time reading. Something in the pain medication causes me to mentally lock up if I try to read more than a few minutes at a stretch. If I do read a book, I have to start and finish it in one sitting to keep the number of times I get horribly ill down to a minimum. It's so bad, that I'm down to reading one or maybe two books a year at the most. I keep a look out to see if there's going to be a John Connolly book released this year, and if so, I've got my book for the year.

I don't know if one of these e-book readers will help the problem or not, but I'm willing to try anything to be able to get back to reading again.

I tend to enjoy longer books like novels, but also like short stories sometimes, (new releases or old, fiction or non it doesn't matter), but I also like the occasional manga, and have even read a few textbooks from cover to cover. I have no need for a wireless function, battery life isn't a real big deal, and I don't read newspapers. I won't need to edit or look-up sections other than where I left off when I quit reading. Weight may be an issue, as will comfort to use, when it comes to having different ways to hold it. As usual the cheaper the better as long as quality doesn't suffer.

Didn't mean to write a novel, but I do need some advice on which device, or devices if there are several, would be the best fit for me, (if one helps at all). If it matters I live in the U.S., have internet access, and am pretty tech savvy.

My main options as far as what I have access to, and can return if this experiment fails, are the Sony505 and 700 series, the Ectaco Jetbook, and the Astak which it says is a Hanlin V3.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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