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eBook Reader Pro - LIT format reader

I thought that I would give a heads-up to those looking for a great alternative reader for the .Lit format. I do use MS Reader and the wonderful Calibre, but both had either formatting or size issues with my recently purchased Lenovo S10 netbook. I did some searching for potential .LIT readers in the forums here and among those I tested was Ebook Reader Pro, from Fantastic Software.

What I really like about the software is the total control it gives me over formatting and font size on the screen, and it's incredibly small footprint. I installed it on the Lenovo, which is currently running the beta of Windows 7 and it works like a dream! I am very satisfied, as I can use the entire 1024 x 600 screen to read.

Well, if it works so well there, why not try it on my HP Tablet PC, which is running 64-bit Windows 7? Unhappily, this was not so positive an experience. It was therefore that I gathered some of the logs from the failure, forwarded them to the author, who actually quickly responded back, and within about 20 minutes, we were able to figure out what the issue was, a work-around, and I now have a great additional reader for 64-bit Windows OS that works correctly when the screen is rotated. This was even more important to me, as where I have the space and memory to use Calibre on this machine, it sadly does not support 64-bit.

My understanding is that a newer version of Ebook Reader Pro, with changes to resolve the issues we encountered, is forthcoming.

I would like to personally thank Mr. Richard Smith of Fantastic Software for being so responsive and customer oriented. What a refreshing departure from the norm. I highly recommend that you give this software a look if you are in need of an alternate .Lit reader platform. This software supports Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.
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