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Calibre Questions

I have Calibre installed on my Acer Laptop, running WinXP Pro, all updated. I recently replaced the hard drive with a new one, and installed the latest version of Calibre on it.

Of course, the library is empty, and I want to copy everything from my PRS-500 to a folder. I keep getting USB timeouts during the copy. The error message is:

Job: **Download books from device**
**Error**: Could not read 4096 bytes on the bulk bus. Error code: -116
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "calibre\gui2\device.pyo", line 20, in run
File "calibre\gui2\device.pyo", line 171, in _save_books
File "calibre\devices\prs500\driver.pyo", line 159, in run_session
File "calibre\devices\prs500\driver.pyo", line 480, in get_file
File "calibre\devices\prs500\driver.pyo", line 397, in _bulk_read
File "calibre\devices\prs500\driver.pyo", line 384, in bulk_read_packet
File "calibre\devices\libusb.pyo", line 251, in bulk_read
Error: Could not read 4096 bytes on the bulk bus. Error code: -116

Some files get copied, but this error keeps getting thrown in random places, and I can't tell it to restart copying at the next file.

The Sony software has not been installed, so there shouldn't be a conflict there.

Also, I have difficulty getting Calibre to recognize the PRS-500 is connected. Windows knows it's there. The PRS screen says the USB is connected, but the Reader and SD card never show up in Calibre. I try plugging and unplugging the Reader, starting and restarting Calibre, but nothing seems to work. This morning, I rebooted the PC and after XP restarted, the Reader was recognized as soon as I started Calibre. Is there a way to request Calibre go look again for the Reader if it doesn't find it initially?


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