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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
Puerto Rico is more than a territory. It is a commonwealth of the USA and it is the only one. They are more closely connected than a territory is and have more rights. They have a member of Congress although I believe he can't vote. I suspect Amazon would treat them as in the US but I have not tried it.

Puerto Rico, a former Spanish Colony, is a Commonwealth of the U.S. The people of Puerto Rico have on several occasions voted to remain a Commonwealth (their other options where to become an Independent Nation or a State). As a Commonwealth they do not pay U.S. Income Tax, can not vote for President and their Representative to Congress can vote in committee, but not on the floor of congress to pass laws (they do not have a Senator). There are several States that call themselves Commonwealths but that has no legal meaning and is just a left over term from colonial times. To complete this little foray into history the Pacific Northern Mariana Islands, a former Spanish than German than Japanese colony, is also a U.S. Commonwealth.
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