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Originally Posted by deegee View Post

Originally Posted by ny10522
Is there any way to achieve "instant look-up" of a word in a dictionary using an ereader app on the iphone? [...] Since the iphone/ipod touch has a touch screen, why hasn't one app provided this feature yet? I would gladly pay a premium price.
DITO! AFAIK there is no app with such a feature on the iPhone/iTouch yet. This feature would be worth a lot to me and I would gladly pay for it.

I own an iPod Touch and I'm using eReader and stanza to read ebooks and I found eReader way better than Stanza for several reasons, and one of them is their Dictionary support (you must buy one yourself; I already owned one Oxford dictionary in pdb format, btw) - you tap a word and you get a menu where the first choice is "Look up in Dictionary" and only have to tap again on that option - easy enough for me

EDIT: I reckon this may be an upgrade to the eReader software made after your post...
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