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There's another review of the CTL 2Go Convertible here:

$500 for a Windows XP netbook that converts to a touchscreen tablet is a pretty good deal. 1024 x 600 touchscreen, long lasting 6 cell battery, wifi, webcam, etc, all cool.

A very similiar competing product will be the Asus EeePC T91, widely expected to go on sale in March, probably for about the same price. The T91 will be more stylish looking, weigh less (closer to 2 lbs than 3 lbs) and have a larger keyboard (not an issue for ebook reading, but handy). However, it will not be as rugged as the 2Go Convertible (which is designed to be handled by children) and will lack the removable handle and accelerometer for instant switching from landscape to portrait. (The T91 will use a software program to convert from landscape to portrait.)

I suspect that the T91 will be much more popular, because of the lighter weight, bigger keyboard and popular brand. But the bigger keyboard doesn't mean much when you're reading eBooks, and I like the idea of something more rugged (and the accelerometer) so I'll probably get the CTL 2Go instead, as soon as the Convertible shows up at Amazon. (Or if I lose patience, I might buy direct from CTL, since it's already available.)
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