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SSH client for terminal access


I'm contemplating buying an iLiad for reading my regular newspaper and magazines, but as a side option I'm hoping to use it as a convenient way to check my e-mail while traveling. I'm old-fashioned, and use the console text program Pine (actually Alpine now) for e-mail, so all I need is a way to ssh into our server and open a terminal session (no X or any such thing).

I've found two or three threads on this forum discussing pretty much this idea (dropbear and OpenSSH 5.0p1 have been mentioned). It seems the ssh client part is doable, but most of them mention 'possible' problems with screen refreshing, although nothing definitive is stated. As I don't even have the device yet, I really don't know much about how it's innards work (other than what I've picked up browsing here), so I don't know if there's something obvious that I'm missing.

Does anyone know if screen refreshing would be a problem with a purely text-mode program in an ssh session, or if other issues would arise when trying to make the above scenario work?

Thanks for any info or clarifications.

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