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Buying an eReader for Australia - HELP

Now, I've pretty much settled on three different readers.

Cybook Bookeen

Now this looks great, and I can get it locally from Dymocks, but they charge AU$599 for it, but they have their own eBook store that supports all their products, so loads of Mobipocket books locally. Ordering from the official Booken website will cost me more than getting it locally, and I am not sure if there are other places around the world that will ship to Australia.

Sony Reader PRS-505

I've always had my eye on this because of its wonderful styling, and I can get it shipped to me cheaper from the USA at AU$518, than getting the Cybook locally. Downside is that I won’t really have access to the Sony store, so I would have to rely on converting my purchased books into a readable format.

Sony Reader PRS-700

This new model has also caught my eye, because I - try to - do allot of reading in low light conditions, and with the built in light it makes it a big plus for me. Also the fact that this can read ePub will make the converting process a little easier, and will also allow me to buy eBooks internationally from the many retailers that sell ePub. The downside is that it's the most expensive of the three at AU$723 shipped.

So now I ask your opinions? Are there benefits of each reader that I have missed? Is the 505 with that light attachment as good as the built in light on the 700? Is mobipocket support a big influence for international readers?

Please give me your opinions, or ask questions if you think you can better help me with more information!

Kind regards,


EDIT: I just noticed the poll down the page for Australia, so I am reading that, but please feel free to reply with your thoughts. Thanks!

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