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I kind of like FBReader to read most of my books. And I like to be able to read Plucker files.

So, I patched the latest firmware from BeBook to include FBReader. (thanks to the previous work from Lunohod and iStealth)

I'm not sure if somebody is interested, but you can download it at :

This patched firmware opens RTF, TXT, FB2, HTM and CHM with FBReader.

If you want to read plucker files with this firware, you have to apply a small trick. Zip the plucker file and rename it to That way it will be opened by FBReader. (E.g. ABook.pdb becomes

I guess this will just be a temporary solution for me. OpenInkpot seems to be making huge progress. So - most likely - I will switch to OpenInkpot shortly anyhow.


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