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Post Yes, yes, yes.

Originally Posted by desertgrandma View Post
Our error. We apologize. Won't happen again.
Thank you, Grandma
I read a lot of posting out there, and I saw your name *a lot*
I feel like I have one more Grandma, and It feels good :-D

Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post
The kindle charger says on it 100-240v.

Just keep in mind the Kindle doesn't charge through the USB port. This has been discussed before.

Doh... sorry about that. If this charger will allow you to use it for multiple devices I get it.

I knew that. Or I think I did based on your Avatar.
Yes, Kindle support 220v, but my wall slot form is different with this. Well, I don't need a converter but I need a thing that we call "Pig-nose" .. I don't know what you guys call this. Something that you bring when you travel outside of US =) to use US's chargers. Hehe

Oops. I thought the Kindle could charge through the USB port. I should find this thread I'll dive into search's sea again. As I told you, I read every Amazon Kindle Discussion Forum thread and found a thread about charging-USB-soloution. May I understood wrong ? :-)
(I think your first insight is right )

And your Avatar telling me, You're a nice penguin gentlman =D

Thanks, BOb!
(And I'm just wondering, Your name is BOb, and not Bob, right? =)
Is there any meaning for middle big "O" ? =D)

Have a nice day!

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