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I am a customer too, and I recent one, a quick search of my posts here can verify this, otherwise I have to be a pretty damn dedicated shill for irex and that would of course be absurd.

1. Battery life is adequate as is, I charge my phones at the end of the day, my lappies and netbooks, I see no reason why charging my reader there too makes it any worse than the rest of the bunch, of course I expect better with firmware 1.5 and I think I am going to have it. But that said, like I said, the reader is not far off my current use devices batterywise, one more device to charge, so what...

2.The reader is not mature at all for sure. But the software is surprisingly well thought out, there's a task manager a la any modern os, there are context sensitive buttons, and there's lots of flexibility with the wacom pen and the three (times three) different buttons which you can setup on your own. Sure there are things I d like to see coming, HEY IREX GUYS HOW ABOUT TO JUST ADD AN EASY TOGGLE BETWEEN WRITE AND PAN FUNCTION OF THE WACOM PEN RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATTERY AND LOCK ICON IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT, but as is it's a very very useable device. I HAVE SEEN MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE IN TERMS OF USER INTERFACE, ACTUALLY I AND ABOUT 90% OF US ARE USING IT RIGHT NOW AND ITS CALLED M$ WINDOWS, so irex software is king in terms of that.

3. Price is a very relative thing you know, some people have got the money to afford it, I would say that the price is very reasonable considering this is the ONLY device available at this kind of screen size, they could have leveraged this advantage and raised the price to strictly bussiness users, trust me. Plus, how expensive will it seem when you take your bag with the 580 g. reader in it instead of carrying the kgs of say four or five bussiness manuals with you?

This is a great device, my main issue is that I expected the paper to be a bit more like real paper, more reflective that is, because as is you need a lot of light to use it, sunlight being the best where it really blows you away how good it looks. It will save you a lot when you get your pdfs in there, and most will love it, despite its flaws. Plus it feels great to have product that's so well advanced and gives you a taste of the future.

To the op: Why don't you go post at the aztac mentor vapourware thread instead, unlike a lot of people in the e-ink scene at least irex deliver a workable product.
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