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Is this right one?

Originally Posted by guineapiguser View Post
Make sure you get the Zire 72 or Tungsten type and not the wrong type of Palm cable.

Note: Though I already scored the belkin version of this cable, I managed to find on ebay a better retractable version for $4.50:
This link is unvalid. I think Palm Zire 72 or tungsten is right one, but I just want to check. Since I live outside of US, the shipping fee is great(almost over $30 -_- gaash) But I really like to read while charging I know charging time is not so long, but I'd prefer my bag lighter when I travel.

So, this one : : is right too? :-)

I'm pretty sure it is USB Charger Sync Cable for Palm Zire 31 72 Tungsten E so It will work out. But I need to confirm it before I buy it (Plus shipping, it cost almost $35 for me. Arrrrgh! But If I order this until tomorrow morning, cost will be less- I'll ask cheap shipping. )

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