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I have no relationship whatsoever with iRex, but as a customer I'd like to give a counterpost.

Since I purchased the reader I read nothing in paper, it's been two months by now. The reader goes with me wherever I go.

I think it is a device for early adopters, but I am using it every single day without a problem. And there's nothing in the market at this moment that allows reading PDFs the way you can read in the 1000S. None, period.

It has room for improvement and I have reported a few tickets. People in support are really good, they have addressed all my tickets in a diligent way.

The 1.5 firmware has been announced to fix some of my tickets, provides better battery life, fixes support for some dictionaries that do not work now, customized tool bar so that you can organize your menus in a way that suits your usage, etc.

I am a heavy reader of tech books and this is the one and only device that allows me to read PDFs with comfort. The design is not precisely gorgeous for my taste, in two years we may have some Apple-ish uberslick thing. It is OK to wait if you prefer, but nowadays the 1000S is the edge in its class, so I am leveraging its capabilities *now*. Man what a difference. And that of course does not mean you won't eventually purchase the Apple-ish one in the future.
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