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Don't buy this device


The iRex digital reader is not a very good deal, and it just got 100/100$ more expensive:

- battery life is poor and iRex does not seem to have the experience to fix this (Dis they for the iLiad? no...)

- the user interface is not thought out very well and the reader software isn't very mature

- the Digital Reader 1000S is now as expensive as the 1000SW should have been (which will have WLAN and Bluetooth)

iRey does not have the engineering power to develop a device which has reasonable battery life, well thought out operating controls and intuitive software.

You may be tempted to buy the Digital Reader because of the big and high resolution screen, but it's not wot it. Save your money for one of the next generation readers. Yes, you may have waited a long time for a high resolution eInk reader, but you won't be happy with the iRex Digital Reader. You will always hope. that iRex will fix the flaws in one of the next firmware updates, but they won't. They didn't for the ILiad and you can expect nothing better for the DR 1000S.

It's sad to see that iRex did not hire and embedded specialist, an industrial designer and an user interface specialist to create a great epaper device appealing to a broad audience from students, over casual readers to office users.
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