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Just a quick/early review to anyone who may be on the fence about purchasing Bookmaster. After purchasing Bookmaster SE today and playing around with the settings, here are my thoughts:

  1. Until today, I never heard of Bookmaster. I came across it lurking on another apps page and someone mentioned it so I decided to check it out. After a Google search led me to the developer's website and after lurking on this forum, I liked what I saw.
  2. Questions asked were answered in a friendly, professional and timely manner by user sbaylor (who I hope keeps up the excellent customer support). Suggestions for improvements are highly welcomed and the suggestions that had a lot of support on the boards were already implemented into the app. This was a big selling point to me.
  3. Importing: The main selling point to me was the apps compatibility with Calibre. I have a library of 1175 books in my library and was able to import the books using the apps PC Upload very easily by clicking and dragging all my .epub files (and all without even opening up Calibre). The whole process took no more than 45 minutes.
  4. I have no complaints so far while reading a book. Tapping the middle of the screen brings up your options on the top of the screen. As some one who isn't considered tech savvy, I knew what 7 out of 8 options were just by looking at it. (the one that I didn't know what it was at a glance was the scroll options). I like all the theme and font options that are available that were included and not having to be purchased. The ability to create your own theme is a bonus.

Bottom line, if you are looking for an E-reader app I would highly suggest Bookmaster. I am not a guy who has tried every e-reader app but I have tried a few and I can say that this app is the best out of the ones I have used. This app is so good that I actually signed up just so I can leave a review which I never do...and which you can probably tell by reading this ramble

I tried looking for things to complain about but I can't find any. My one suggestion would be having support for .cbz files so I can read my online comics using Bookmaster but I understand I may be in the minority.
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