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Originally Posted by Mashen'ka View Post
Greetings all - new member here.

I've acquired an Astak EZ Reader (Hanlin V3), and am interested in about if some body would give me some advice .

Actually I'm very happy with my new device, but few "buts" is usually.

1. Pages are turning very slow. It takes 10-15 sec before new page comes up.
2. When I finished read the book it's no way do delete. I need to open PC, connect the E-book and manually delete the book.

3. Also is very slow process when open up the book. Looks like it takes two mins before book is open

Thanks in advance,

Hello and welcome, Mashen'ka

I'm afraid that there's no way to delete the ebooks without a computer. In fact, the Sony PRS-505 had this same defect until they released the last firmware.

Your reader is way too slow. Mine opens a new book in 7-9 seconds and turns page in 1 second, aprox. I'm talking about a "normal" fb2 book (1, 2... 3 MBytes at most).


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