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Originally Posted by heb View Post
I am trying to convert a PDF file which has the title and page number information in the header and footer. These are being converted when I use pdftohtml and although I can crop the PDF in pdftohtml the text is to small.

Is there any way to find and replace a chunk of text several lines long? In Word as the header contains the books Title it goes and removes those words from within the text as well. For the footer I suppose it would have to support wildcards for the page numbers.

Its driving me nuts and I reckon there must be a nice simple solution!


It's easy to do.
Use Nitro PDF (
Use the crop option under the edit menu.
Just select the part you want to preserve ... leave outside the header an footers and then double click on the selection. Then, select to apply on all pages and thats all.
Now there is a new pdf, but no header and footer

PS: Sorry about my english :P
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