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Originally Posted by donkaarlos
Enclosed another pic from the file. As scaling of pdf:s is currently not possible on Iliad, scaling of the pdf file would be needed.
Hang on a tick: scaling is not possible? ... and here you have a photo of a page thats close to 212 x 280 mm shown on a screen thats something like 120x150. (212 x 280 is according to Acrobat grid ... document properties are a few decimals off...)

Now, how did that happen, if there's no scaling? Did you do any preprocessing? (I assume not.)

Query: the original file had page layout and magnification = default. I assume the iLiad PDF reader interprets that as 'single page' and 'fit page' ... does anyone know?

No zooming, I can buy. But no scaling I can't make out.

Query: is there a page somewhere that is not 3:4 proportions, but way off? That might cast some further light on the magnification part ...

EDITED: No, wait again ... that picture was from the second link, with already rescaled pages? ... That must be it ... I was looking at the first set of images, which has not been rescaled at all. Right?

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