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Wow! I'm truly impressed by the diligent reply and the level of attention given to users. I have followed your instructions and it works beautifully—even nicer than Marvin in that I can view my Calibre library in its catalogic glory.

I have used (and still use to varying degrees) the kindle app to synch with my e-ink reader, i-books (for the manual organization of books), and Marvin (for the plethora of options and dropbox integration), but I believe this app is well on the way to becoming my goto e-reading experience.

All of the above mentioned apps have never quite achieved the aesthetics of the "sepia" with the font contrast intact. So I echo the excitement of others on how pleasing this truly is! The detail of being able to customize the bookshelves with my own images is exquisite. For my Arthurian bookshelf, I now have a painting that reflects the theme as well as for my sherlock Holmes collection with 21 Baker Street. This is a dream to look at! Most apps do not have the way to manually order the books on your shelf, you have offered quite a few options by author, date, etc.., I was wondering if there was a way to manually arrange the books by dragging which ones I'd like to sit on the shelf first that are not based on that criteria.

Sorry I was not clear about the book cover size: I was referencing the bookshelf view (which I think is a mere difference of 1cm in height and allows for four fully loaded rows of books). Yes,now that I've seen Book Info view, Im truly impressed. I am also quite impressed with how I am able to send these books and documents across ios apps from this very app.

I am happy to have discovered this app's existence here on the forum, on another thread about Marvin that mentioned this app.

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