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What to do when your battery is completely drained, and the AC adapter doesn't seem to be charging

This is just a quick update. The battery draining and screen freezing I mentioned in post #5 happened again; the reader wouldn't respond when I plugged in the EZ Reader's AC adapter. So I removed the battery and then put it back in again, and it was then able to charge. The screen restarted to show the welcome screen, and the reader started charging.

I was also able to read to my hearts content while the battery was charging, so I can confirm that you can use the reader while plugged in to the AC adapter. Note that I wasn't able to do this when I first got the reader; My best guess is because the first time around, it was a brand new unused battery, while this time, it was a well used phone battery.

One final thing of note: the battery meter is somewhat unreliable. The last time the battery was drained, the meter on the EZ reader said it was still at 100%. I blamed that on the battery being new. This time, the battery was definitely well used, had been drained and recharged several times (I used my old phone battery), and yet it was still not reporting the correct charge level on the battery. So, don't know what's going on with that, but I'd recommend you charge every few days, if you're a heavy reader.

Again, another option is to use a dedicated USB charger such as a Motorola phone charger.

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