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ePubizator -V1.0.0- for photo albums and cbz/cbr conversions to ePub


A description page is available here.
A new revision of the program ePubizator (V1.0.0) is available here.

V1.0.0 02/03/2009 :
  • Remove the "Quit" option from the File menu
  • Move of the progress bar to the left.
  • Alow disabling of change width or/and height or/and rotation for group manipulation.
  • The default theme is "default" in place of "clam"
  • Multilingual
  • Move the "Delete" button in the preview box
  • Alow to resize the licence window
  • Change to "tablelist 4.11" compatible with Vista
  • Change the multi-selection mode
  • Memorize the last opened directory
  • Add a confirmation box when saving a project in case of overwrite
  • Licence box : new tab "Greetings"
  • Disabled icons added in toolbar for Mac OS compatibility
Beta-2 28/01/2009 :
  • Use local zip, unzip and unrar (included in the package)
  • Support of cbr files
  • Add extarnal program licence informations
  • Show the name of the current project in the window top bar
  • Show the amount of page when an epz is opened
  • Logo and icon for the windows
  • Add of the Option menu
  • Log box
  • Allow the individual or group change of width, height and rotation of the output
  • Parameter box
  • Output profiles
  • Show the images in the original size in the preview box (with scrollbars)
  • Does no more use ImageMagick (replaced by Pixane)
  • Multiplateform : Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Beta-1 01/01/2009 :
  • Created for the Mobileread forum.

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