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First of all ... Thanks for this wonderful application. I've used it many times now. And it works great. I use it for most of the technical papers I need to read for work.

As Ulysses posted before, it does crash sometimes. For me, that happens most of the time with very big documents. (I do use PaperCrop regularly on documents with 500 or more pages) PaperCrop seems to keep everything in memory before creating the PDF output. It basically runs out of memory before it can finish. I didn't have the time to look at the source code yet, but it could be an idea to store the page images while processing and get them from disk while producing the PDF?

Since the conversion of such big PDF books results in PDF books with 1000 pages or more, this also becomes a problem for me and my poor BeBook with its limited memory.

To be able to split these big books into multiple smaller ones, I altered the 'config.lua' file. (which - if everything went fine - should be attached) to make PaperCrop output a new PDF after every 100 pages. You can change this number at the top of the file in the line that reads
nr_of_pages_per_pdf_book = 100;
For me it fixes the big PDF books, and it didn't crash on me anymore since I'm using this 'config.lua'.

Maybe it can help you too Ulysses ?

Originally Posted by Taesoo Kwon View Post
I hope the problem will disappear after downloading the version 0.3.
If it continues to crash, please send me the PDF file to me by e-mail.
Originally Posted by Ulysses
Very good idea but it crashes all the time, maybe an option to start from a certain page would be good "work around" so we can continue where we stopped..
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