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linux port

First of all, I finally got a ereader (PRS-505) and I love it, except the screen is a lot smaller than I expected. I don't read novels (pft who has time for those! ) but textbooks and papers, so I really needed something to cut out the margins and basically maximize reading area. Thankfully soPdf does exactly that... but for windows

Attached is my port of soPdf for Linux.

I included a binary plus my sources for soPdf.c and processPdf.c and a brief readme.

the only dynamic dependencies are to common libs like libjpeg, zlib, freetype, etc so it should work out of the box on any modern distro (I tested on ubuntu 8.04..) I also compiled in the optional jbig2dec dependency.

it works for me, i've used it on multiple pdfs ~15-20MB each.
however, YMMV

thanks theguru
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