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Brand new 700... with brand new problems! :S

Hi Kidz! Well, I was VERY pleased with the results of my prs-700 (I promise my review soon! :-) but something did happen that make me participate sooner than later: during a typical freeze of the windows (vista) during the sync of the reader, since then, the sony soft to sync just stopped working at all (I reinstall it but nothing happens... well, yes, it seems to be an active task in the system, but you dont see the GUI of the soft) I can sync with calibre, but since then, the books I upload to the 700, load slower (they load, but slower!!!) What could be the problem of the sony soft? How could I solve it? Should I reformat/reset the unit? (you know, the device its behaiving a little funky since then... its not that speed, and even the metadata does not load... maybe due the calibre I guess?) So please, if any have any leads, Ill gonna thank you SO much!!!
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