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EB1150 can't read imp file from Ebookwise Librarian


I just bought an Ebookwise reader. I have converted all my lit ebooks to html and doc files so that I could transfer them to my reader. I thought to use the Ebookwise Librarian & USB cable transfer method as some of the ebooks after conversion, became several html files (ie. 1 file per chapter) and the software provides a neat little option to merge the html files into one

After uploading the files onto Ebookwise Librarian and converting them to Ebookwise 1150 format (ie. imp file), I tried to download the files to my reader but that's where the fun ends. I was unable to download anything!!! I get an error message each time saying that the reader was able to detect that there are books in the Librarian but they are not compatible to the reader and therefore could not be downloaded. What the heck!

For the time being I am using ETI server method to transfer books but I really don't feel like transferring one file at a time for those books which are seperated into several html files...

So if anyone out there who is smarter and wiser than me, please teach me how to solve this problem??

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