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Originally Posted by tech_au View Post
Hardly something worth warning about as this is the standard for most ebook stores around the world.
However, you have 2 options that i can think of if you have a Paypal account.
1. Someone with a WH Smiths account can buy a gift certificate and you pay them back via Paypal.
2. Buy your books from BooksOnBoard as they accept Paypal as a payment method.
Or use the rather hopeless Waterstones store
A couple of points - I actually do think that this is worth warning about, as in the UK market you can go and buy ebooks using a debit card (at Waterstones, for example). This is more the norm (albeit in an admittedly new market). Moreover, WH Smith are a huge high street retailer in the UK that accept debit card payments for pretty much everything else that they sell. Given that a good percentage of users here are from the UK, and that the Smiths ebooks website says nothing about only accepting Mastercard and Visa until you reach the payment stage, I do think this is handy information to have.

Oh, the Smiths site doesn't seem to work with Firefox, either, as it keeps reporting that MS Reader isn't activated, when it actually is. Try it with internet explorer, you get no such problems, which is disappointing in this day and age - not least because you can use Firefox to buy from Waterstones without any issue whatsoever.

Moreover, I don't find Waterstones to be a "rather hopeless" store. You may not like it, as is your wont. However, as it accepts all the usual methods of payment that any other UK store would (including debit cards), I find it a hell of a lot less hopeless than Smiths at the moment. I've bought two ebooks from Waterstones already, and had no problems. I can't even spend my money with Smiths at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for the other info/suggestions you provided, but try not to shoot the messenger in future, eh?
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