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Hi Tompe,

The EZ Reader does allow charging with the unit on, I think. When I first got the reader, I plugged it in to my Motorola USB phone charger to charge, and it instantly turned on (Astak splash screen, etc).

My problem was that the battery had completely drained down, and it wasn't responding to my pressing down on the power button (and I tried holding it down for various lengths of time). And yes, I tried doing this before and after I plugged it in to the Astak USB charger.

I wanted to read my stuff on the commute to work, so I didn't bother with other experiments; there obviously must be a solution to the "can't charge when battery is completely drained while you were in the middle of reading problem".

Probably a good thing I should have tried, after the EZ Reader stopped responding to the power button, would have been to take out the battery and put it back in; that should "turn off" the device, so I could plug it in and get it charged. Oh well, hindsight.

Originally Posted by tompe View Post
Did you test to turn the unit on when charging? Maybe it will not allow charging with the unit off.

The standard for charging via USB says that D+ and D- should be connected on the device side. Then it will detect that and not ask if you want to charge or transfer data. For my Nokia Phone (N85) if I use an ordinary USB cable it will only trickle charge.
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