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Originally Posted by Xenophon View Post
MobiPocket is a program for reading (on Windows, and on a variety of eBook reading hardware, but NOT Sony). It's ALSO a format for eBooks. As gwynevans wrote, MobiPocket format is one of the ones you can convert for use with your Sony reader.
ok, i think it is beginning to get clearer!

as far as the legal issues, looks a bit tricky... my intent would be to buy books that i cannot find for free (legally) and convert them so i could use them on my reader. i have no actual desire to steal books, but it is frustrating when you are perfectly willing to pay for something but it dosen't come in the right format to be usable...

do you think there will ever be a universal format? frankly i think the publishers are hurting themselves in some ways. i could easily drop a lot of money all at once if all ebooks were available in one, guaranteed usable format. the only thing stopping me right now is the incompatibility issue. i have found a number of books i want, but my reader can't use them without being converted.
it is such a jumble.

i have found some more free books that come in zipped form, text document. So that recent find will let me get even more use out of my reader now, since TXT is compatible without needing finagling.

thanks for the help and patience!
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