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Question I have a lot of questions...

and i'm not very computer savvy. i belong to a number of assorted hobby forums and i understand how annoying it can be to long time members to be answering the same questions over and over, and dealing with newbies who assume that the search feature is not meant to be used by them. So i apologize for these questions.

I have tried to search for my answers, but i think i don't understand the basics enough to know exactly what to ask/look/search for. i thought i had "got it" when i committed to buying the Sony Prs-700, but the more i look around, the less i understand- i think i'm overwhelmed, frankly.

So, i have a sony (it's in the mail) i have a lot of PDF books that i know i can use with it. But i will run out of reading material eventually!
Sony will give me up to 100 classics- i have looked and i'm not sure i'll be able to pick out 100 of them that interest me- but maybe.
I'm not really into Science Fiction, i seem to be in the minority there- so many of the free book sites aren't appealing to me.

What i need to understand is what stores sell books in formats compatible with my reader (of course)
I noticed some sellers offer multiple formats, so maybe i can buy some books, but not all?

Like eBook Mall. in the Wiki, it lists them as selling Microsoft Reader, Mobi Pocket, Palm and Adobe PDF. If i find a book i like and it is only listed as Mobi Pocket, does that mean i can't use it?

Can i get a list of which formats should i look for when browsing to purchase? (without reformatting)
Which formats can i convert to work with my reader?
Are some easier than others?
What programs do i need to use to do this?
Where would i get these programs?
What are the problems associated with buying in one format, then converting to another?
What are the legalities of doing this?

i guess that is where i need to start, at the basics.

Hopefully i don't sound as dumb as i feel....

Thanks for any and all help!

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