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Question Forum is awesome but I am overwhelmed!!

I have very much enjoyed reading all the information available throughout this forum to help me get the most from my new Sony 505 (which should arrive Tues.) but I am hitting information overload!!

I will start reading a thread about converting a book, for example, and get part way through and realize some of it is old information ... and often the detail given is too detailed for me at this point.

Is there a place to start... that has a succinct list of recommended actions, written in simplified English for the novice, and is the latest information? A sticky someplace maybe?

Step 1: Take the ereader out of the box and follow Sony's instructions... but wait wasn't there something about not doing it Sony's way... see what I mean... Do I use the Sony Library? Do I use Calibre? Do I want both? The problem with using both seems to have only occurred with the PRS 500 so I don't have to worry about that right? My desktop is running Window XP so I don't have issues from using the Mac.

Where do I go to be sure to get the latest versions of recommended software? Is there a sticky for this?

If you got your Sony 505 today, what would you do first?

I own a ton of ebooks most in PDF because I am a professional book reviewer (among other things) and that is the format most utilized. I have other formats too and but I'll have to get around to them later. I need the best advice for working with PDF files since that is what I receive the most. I know I saw some suggestions but I have no idea now where I saw them and it if was recent advice?? There was something about reflowing the text in the document... I know what the term means but I don't know what the problem is and what to do to fix it with PDF files?? Does the new firmware update fix some of this so this isn't a big concern anymore or do I still have some work to do to make my ebooks easy to read on my 505?

I realize some of the things the group is talking about are things I may want to do later but there is so much info, my head is just spinning.... Can someone please break some of the info down into small manageable chunks and help me get started right!! Or point me to where this has already been done/explained before?

Thanks so much, your answer is much appreciated!!

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