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Calibre with Stanza

I just started playing with Calibre to convert some of my PDFs for reading on my iPhone using Stanza. It works great, but I have one very large complaint. Calibre is putting a page break at the bottom of each actual PDF page. This is not convenient by any means. While doing this, it counts each page as a chapter and, as a result, it doesn't try to create a table of contents. When using Stanza I cannot skip from chapter to chapter using the TOC menu, and since each PDF page is only about 3 "Stanza pages" long I can't use the slider to navigate the book. I have to continuously tap forward or backward to navigate, and wait for the new "section" (a single PDF page) to load about every 3 taps. It's very time consuming.

Not only is it time consuming, it's just dreadfully annoying having to wait for the page to load every three taps.

I just want the sections split at chapters, not at page breaks in the PDFs. Is this possible? I know a lot of people use Calibre with Stanza and love it, so hopefully there is some work-around that somebody knows of. I like how Calibre formats my books much better than Stanza Desktop, and love how it creates a Stanza catalog, but I'm not sure if these features are worth crippling my ability to navigate my documents.

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!
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