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eReader sales and DRM questions

I'm looking to sell books in eReader format, but bypassing eReader's convoluted rules regarding titles they'll accept (the rule that sticks out is that they say they'll only do business with publishers who have 25 or more titles-- I'll have 7 at most). Since they've waived their charges for using their conversion software and for royalties, I assume that they're making it possible for people to make and sell books without going through them at all.

1. Is anyone doing this? I mean, not giving books away (nothing wrong with that per se but that doesn't fit my business plan), but selling eReader format books outside eReader?
2. If you are doing this, can you describe something of your e-commerce infrastructure-- do you use off-the-shelf e-commerce modules (or better still, go through a provider who has this)? Die you have to acquire the software/module/whatever for easy sale of intangible products elsewhere, and incorporate it into the e-commerce site? What was your experience?
3. eReader lets me build in some DRM password protection even without going through their site. Does anyone do this? How's it working? Conversely, is anyone out there putting out books for sale without DRM, and tracking what our Asian friends migh tbe doing WRT pirating your product?
4. Back to the eReader site-- is anyone doing business with them even though they don't have 25 titles? What sort of cut do they take? There is a certain attraction to just letting them deal with the e-commerce (and maybe conversion) hassles, but I want to know what the cost is.

All responses appreciated, either on thread or to my e-mail as shown below.

Richard Maseles
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