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converting long, somewhat complex docs to eReader

Hello all. I am preparing word processing docs to convert into eReader format (or at least that is plan A). The first book would be about 400 pages long in manuscript form, would have footnotes (that I can simply put to the bottom of the "page," but I don't intend to paginate in a normal manner-- the text is broken up into chapters, subchapters, and sections) and would have an index that I have built. I understand that eReader will generate a table of contents based on headings, but I'll have to manually hyperlink the index and footnote entries.

Two questions come to mind although I'm sure that others will accrue as well.

1. I'm leaning toward converting to eReader from an HTML document so that the hyperlinks will export and I can also use the HTML version for something else, like Mobi. Has anyone else done this? What was your experience?

2. Has anyone converted a similarly long document to eReader? Was the resulting product stable, or prone to crashing? I see that eReader routinely does novels which are certainly as long as my text, but they may break them up into shorter, more stable chapters. I need this to be one document so that a single index can work for the entire text.

If you think of affiliated questions or issues I didn't mention, please feel free to do so, either in this thread or in an e-mail to me-- my addy is below. I'm posting a separate question regarding DRM and sales through eReader on another thread. I look forward to hearing from you.

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