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this is oh so cool.
  • installed calibre and created a database.
  • moved database including subfolders to icy-box (drive g:, folder calibre-db)
  • moved calibre program directory to icy-box (drive g:, folder calibre)
  • removed the folder calibre in AppData\Roaming (pretending a new computer)
  • created a bat-file on icy-box (drive g:, folder \) with content below.

@echo off
cd calibre
calibre.exe --with-library  ..\calibre-db
works like a charme. so, from now, calibre is portable (ok, settings are reset on every new Computer, buts that is work, i'll do with a smile)

Suggestion: how about a calibre-zip without installer? so one could simply unpack this zipfile and has the base for a portable application?

this will surely be one of my new favourite apps :-)

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