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Hi -

I'm teaching English in Korea and I'm an avid reader. Hence the desire for an ebook reader, it would cut my costs in half.

I'm looking at the two Korean made ereaders (that I know of), but I can't find much about them (in English):

NUUTbook and SoriBook neither has a good English version of their website. So I'm still left with questions:

1. Do they both have an English interface?
2. Do they both act like external USB drives?
3. Does either need special software or massive firmware updates?
4. Do they both function well with locked files (all that DRM stuff)?

I'm learning Korean, but it's slow going. Please help!

I'm also open to suggestions on different eReaders, but the Sony won't work because I have a linux and the firmware updates only come out over Windows (to my understanding). Also, the Kindle isn't worth the cost of the useless Whispernet (Korea is on a closed cell phone system). The CyBook seems rather expensive, which I was expecting, but I'd have to pay import duties on anything that I buy from out of the country (which is why I'd like to buy within the country).

I really need the help.
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